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Online counseling for adults and couples.

Dorothee von Stösser

Clinical Psychologist and MA in Colaborative and Dialogical Practices

How can I help you?

Individual Counselling

We agree on a weekly meeting, or every two weeks, via zoom, and work on your very personal concerns.

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Individual Counselling

Couples counselling

Online couples counselling works surprisingly well. You can connect from the same place or each one from their own device.

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Couples counselling

Single session

Do you want to talk about a very specific topic, but don't necessarily need counselling over several sessions?
So a meeting in a single session format via zoom may be a good option.

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Single session

About me

Hello, I´m Dorothee and I work as a clinical psychologist in Ecuador; my home country of choice from where I connect to the rest of the world, offering online-counselling. Originally I´m from Germany, but 13 years ago, life brought me to Ecuador, where I live and enjoy this particular nature and lifestyle. As long as …

What brings you here?

Many of my clients live in different parts of the world and, like me, far away from their country of origin. It is particularly important to me to accompany these people, because I know they go through specific situations, concerning identity, values and concerns about belonging.
Besides that, most of the people I work with describe similar situations, such as:


My approach

During my time living abroad, I found out, that there are lots of challenges while being confronted with the expectations and beliefs of another culture.
So I want to offer a useful service for those who are looking for counselling but couldn´t find a service that fit to their background as expat or intercultural couple.
As a psychologist I specialized in Colaborative and Dialogical Practice, an approach that suits very well to the diversity of backgrounds that come with intercultural experience.

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My approach

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