Dorothee von Stoesser

It may be that you found this site because you´re an Expat in Southamerica and you´re going through a difficult situation with your partner or in your family, you´ve suffered some loss, or you simply feel stuck.

Psychotherapy is a way to pause and speak in confidence with someone prepared, so you can put thinks back in order. You can come alone, with your partner, or as a family. I will receive you with respect and without prejudice in a videoconference that provides the conditions of confidentiality.

I strongly believe that each person strives to give their best and that we all carry strengths and expertise in order to face different challenges that are part of life. I work with a collaborative and dialogic approach, where the client is the expert in her/his life, while the therapist is a specialist in facilitating dialogues of joint discovery.

If you’re more curious about how this process works, you can leave me a message.