Brindo atención de psicoterapia online personalizada desde cualquier lugar del mundo en español, alemán o inglés.


I´m Dorothee and I work as a clinical psychologist in Ecuador; my home country of choice from where I connect to the rest of the world, offering online-counselling.

Originally I´m from Germany, but 13 years ago, life brought me to Ecuador, where I live and enjoy this particular nature and lifestyle.

As long as I can remember, I´ve loved the experience of a good conversation and how it can change our mindset and feelings about others and ourselves, depending on the way we talk and listen to each other. So I see dialogue as one of the main tools of transformation for our relations with others and with ourselves and that´s why I work with a collaborative approach, where together we can reflect and think about new possibilities.

In former times I have worked in different public and private entities as a psychologist with people in vulnerable situations and acquired work and life experience regarding issues like family dynamics, life crisis and personal development.

Besides, it´s important to me to share my experiences about life abroad and to shed light on the various challenges and insights that I have faced over the years. Even after more than 10 years in Ecuador, there are still many things that surprise me, and I write about that on my blog. (By the time only in Spanish, but soon I hope to translate my articles.)