Brindo atención de psicoterapia online personalizada desde cualquier lugar del mundo en español, alemán o inglés.

Couples counseling based on a collaborative and dialogical approach via zoom is a process that mainly implies learning new ways of being with each other, listening to each other and getting to know new things about the other person and the relationship. That said, not only will we talk about the specific content that led you to counselling, but you will also become familiar with the way we talk with each other in our meetings, which will improve communication in everyday life. Among other things, this is about:

– Listening to each other with genuine interest.

– Asking questions instead of giving advice.

– Looking at your partner benevolently and making generous assumptions about his/her actions. 

– Trying to understand the actual intentions.

Intercultural relationships, in particular, have to face special challenges, because each part of the relationship often encounters very different values. What is normal for one is impossible for the other. You want to build something new together, but also maintain contact with your own origins and family. Often one “sacrifices” more than the other because he/she left their country of origin and is going through major changes and compromises. The other one can start to feel guilty because of that.  

If you still have questions about online counselling and how it all works via zoom conference, you will find useful information here. And on the following link you can read more about my work approach: