Brindo atención de psicoterapia online personalizada desde cualquier lugar del mundo en español, alemán o inglés.

Individual counselling is directed to adults, who:

  • Are going through a difficult time, or feel that they are at that point in their life, where they should talk to someone.  
  • Are in search of a therapeutic process different from what they knew previously.
  • Or, have never been to counselling and aren´t sure if this is what they are looking for. (Because online counselling can be a good way to start and get clear about what you need.) 

On our first meeting you tell me about your situation and what you expect from therapy, so we can build your work goals together. Then we agree on a fixed day and time for your sessions where we explore these goals.

If you still have questions about online counselling and how it all works via zoom conference, you will find useful information here. And on the following link you can read more about my work approach: 

What are collaborative and dialogical practices?

*Important: Online counselling has its limits and therefore officially (at least in certain countries) it must not be equated with psychotherapy.

People diagnosed with a serious mental illness or those who realize that they urgently need professional help, should always go to a local care center where, they can receive multidisciplinary treatment and support. (Examples: anorexia, suicide attempts or ideas, cutting, hallucinations, victims of sexual or fiscal abuse and other serious traumatic situations cannot be dealt with through online sessions alone).

If you are not sure about this, you can contact me for a first session and together we will evaluate which form(s) of attention you need.