Brindo atención de psicoterapia online personalizada desde cualquier lugar del mundo en español, alemán o inglés.

Many of my clients live in different parts of the world and, like me, far away from their country of origin. It is particularly important to me to accompany these people, because I know they go through specific situations, concerning identity, values and concerns about belonging. 

Besides that, most of the people I work with describe similar situations, such as:

  • Making an important decision.
  • The feeling of stagnation, at work, in a relationship or due to loneliness and insecurity.
  • Persistent and/or intensifying feelings of anxiety, discouragement, listlessness or insecurity.
  • Life crises, such as a breakup, the loss of a loved one or any other event that has unforeseeably changed their life.
  • But also caregivers and professionals who work in an environment where they are constantly confronted with the suffering of other people.

Couples I work with …

  • Often need a change or improvement in everyday contact, because they have a lot of arguments, or they find little that still connects them.
  • Sometimes they are unable to overcome certain dynamics or events, such as an affair.
  • Or they would like to know how, and whether, they want to shape their future together.

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