My name is Dorothee. I´m a psychologist and I specialized in Collaborative and Dialogical Practices; I see dialogue as our main tool of transformation and you as the expert of your life.
In my online practice, I listen to you and I want to know your situation so together we can reflect and think about new possibilities.

I´m originally from Germany, but 12 years ago life brought me to Ecuador. I live here with my husband and son, facing everyday life as a woman, mother, wife, professional, and foreigner.

I have worked in different public and private entities as a psychologist with people in vulnerable situations. I have acquired work and life experience regarding issues like family dynamics, life crisis and personal development.

As an introvert, I have always been interested in the forms of communication that connect and disconnect people, not only with others but also with themselves; what helps us to relate to ourselves and others and how to get our internal thoughts involved. This curiosity has motivated me to provide this service and in doing so I realized that videoconferencing can be a way to provide enriching conversations and transformations.

Apart from my online consultation, I work on a blog for parents where I write about the current challenges of parenting such as: division of responsibilities, how to balance children and work, how our life conditions, and how local laws challenge our possibilities to raise children with the attention and presence needed.