Brindo atención de psicoterapia online personalizada desde cualquier lugar del mundo en español, alemán o inglés.

Psychotherapy usually takes place in an office or consulting room, which provides a private environment so you can talk under client-patient confidentiality without interruptions. The main focus is the client and their therapeutic demand.

A client may present a specific concern or the simple need to talk to someone. The therapist lends a certain amount of time (usually an hour) to talk exclusively with the client; they listen, share ideas, and help the client reflect. The intervention always varies depending on the approach of the therapist.

Psychotherapy online is not so different from in-person therapy. We are still face to face, although we are not in the same location. Videoconferencing is a way through which a dialogic therapeutic service can be facilitated. In certain cases, there are clients who feel more comfortable with this form of communication.

During online therapy, everyone is in their place of choice, which provides an environment of privacy and should be free of distractions as if we were in a consulting room.

You only need an electronic device with a camera and microphone (computer, tablet or cell phone) and a stable connection to the internet. We agree on a date and I will E-mail you a link to a videoconference for that date so you can connect with me. 

The consultation lasts an hour or so. During that time, we have a conversation and if you felt that our session was useful for you, we can continue with a second meeting and so on. 

If you are looking for couple’s therapy or want to involve more people in the process such as family members, you can connect from a single device or from different places. The most important thing is that everyone agrees and feels comfortable.

If you have any more questions regarding how online therapy works, its advantages and disadvantages, you can contact me. I can give you more information about costs, payment methods and what you need to know.

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*Important: Online counselling has its limits and therefore officially (at least in certain countries) it must not be equated with psychotherapy.

People diagnosed with a serious mental illness or those who realize that they urgently need professional help, should always go to a local care center where, they can receive multidisciplinary treatment and support. (Examples: anorexia, suicide attempts or ideas, cutting, hallucinations, victims of sexual or fiscal abuse and other serious traumatic situations cannot be dealt with through online sessions alone).

If you are not sure about this, you can contact me for a first session and together we will evaluate which form(s) of attention you need.